South America Energy Series (SAES19) will be hosted in Bogota, Colombia on the 20-21 June 2019 to discuss market strategies and new technologies needed to drive the energy transition in South America.

SAES will unite energy ministers, government agencies and regulators with IOC’s, NOCs, NGCs and utilities across the entire energy value chain. International gas and power investors will meet with credible regional and local participants looking to develop projects and opportunities in South Americas energy sectors. 

Why now?

Today’s market is being characterised by a definite turn towards cleaner and greener energy generation in South America.

The gradual expansion of renewable energy sources will have considerable impacts on the South America energy system with regards to utilities, grid infrastructure, and energy efficiency. Integrating greater amounts of energy from renewable sources in tandem with creating greater efficiencies from existing fuel sources in the energy mix, will require significant, yet essential, investment by power and transmission companies. 

Existing projections and proven reserves also point to a new paradigm in South America’s gas markets. How will the re-birth of the US as a reliable, high volume, low cost global supplier and the potential of Argentina and Brazil to move from LNG customers to LNG suppliers affect regional dynamics and drive demand and utilization.

All of this means the time for investing in South America is now. 

Why Colombia?

Colombia is the 3rdlargest Latin America Economy and has taken a pioneering role with regard to the 2030 agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals and climate change efforts. 

With Colombia’s first Renewable Energy Auction taking place in early 2019 the energy transition is one of the priorities for the National Government and it aims to boost clean energy from gas as well as unconventional renewable energy sources. 

Strategically located in South America Colombia is connected to Central America & the Caribbean and is the only country in South America with access to two oceans. Colombia is one of the best business environments in Latin America and one of the most competitive countries in the region. 

A regulatory scheme is in place to ensure reliable long-term power supply and with the upcoming auctions this year renewables are set to accelerate from 1% to 15% of installed capacity by 2028 with 4 Billion USD is set to be invested in the sector. There are also huge untapped opportunities in distributed generation for the commercial and industrial segment.

There is a strong potential for unconventional gas reserves with 3,100 miles of natural gas pipelines already in existence and plans to develop further gas Infrastructure including a second regasification plant. Colombia is the perfect destination to host this year’s South America Energy Series with its focus on Gas & Renewables. 

Why attend?

Market intelligence in one place- get unique and valuable information at the meeting solely dedicated to investment opportunities within South America’s Gas and Renewable markets

Support from South American Ministries of Energy, government agencies, regulators and utilities from the region, will enable high level discussions to identify the best investment opportunities for international investors, local and regional stakeholders, as well as outline regional plans for energy and infrastructure development across the South America.

  • Secure 1-2-1 meetings with key regional and international suppliers though SAES Networking App.
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging trends and gain insights to grow your business
  • Connect with new, existing customers, partners and suppliers
  • Meet with credible local, regional and international participants.
  • Hear from thought-leaders and get informed on energy trends with a focus on new technologies, energy efficiency, regional integration and reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Source viable solutions and expert advice on the challenges faced by your business
  • Engage with your industry, locally and globally, and evaluate competing solutions across products

The event presents an opportune moment for investors and developers across the region to understand where the bottlenecks and opportunities lie in supporting South Americas clean energy transition.