Strategic Conference Programme 

The gradual expansion of renewable energy sources will have considerable impacts on South America energy system with regards to utilities, grid infrastructure, and energy efficiency. Integrating greater amounts of energy from renewable sources in tandem with creating greater efficiencies from existing fuel sources in the energy mix, will require significant, yet essential, investment by power and transmission companies. SAES encourages an intensified global and regional dialogue around these issues and provide best practice examples through policy dialogue on the international, national, and local levels.

SAES 2019 delivers a strategic conference programme, plenary sessions, keynote presentations and dedicated gas and renewables conference streams. Private sector investors and public sector leaders from across the region will debate content and dialogue rich topics covering financing, policy and technology to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.

Key Topics & Themes: 

  • The Energy Transition and the right Energy Mix for Colombia

  • Outlook on South America´s Energy Market

  • The New Regional Energy Landscape 
  • A Review of the 1st Renewable Energy Auction – Next Steps
  • The Gas-Renewables Nexus – Both Partners & Competitors?  
  • The Deregulation of Electricity and Gas: Wholesale Energy Market
  • Innovation, Digitalization & Disruption – The Transformative Force of Innovation & New Technology
  • Working with local communities and the environmental considerations 



Gas & LNG Steam Stream:
  • Colombia in Focus 
  • Regional Gas Landscape
  • Reviewing LNG Infrastructure & Facilities in South America
  • Securing supply of Natural Gas
  • Gas Demand & Utilization
  • Gas / LNG to Power
Renewables & Power Stream:
  • Colombia Spotlight 
  • Mapping Renewable Opportunities
  • Growth Prospects for Wind Energy in the Andean Region
  • Growth prospect for Large Scale Solar Energy in the Andean Region
  • Regional Energy Co-operation and Integration  
  • The Boom in Distributed Generation